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Synergy means unity

We offer you an opportunity where our team, the physiotherapy practice in Berlin Schöneberg, will holistically take care about you – in the areas of Physiotherapy, Pilates or Alternative Medicine. It’s primarily about the interdisciplinary as a team but also about the holistic in itself.

It is about your health and well-being on all physical levels. Each member of our team specializes in a certain area, so you can benefit from us in many different ways as well as our many years of professional experience.

With us you’re in the best hands! To us it doesn’t matter whether you come for prevention or therapy, we always make sure to take as much time for you as you need in order to guarantee you an adequate and overall, the best treatment.

Use the area of prevention of special therapy, massages and relaxation therapy. Feel the ease with us.

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Physiotherapie Berlin Schoeneberg


We see physiotherapy as a close and holistic cooperation between the patient and the therapist, which is based on the mutual respect and trust

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Pilates is a whole-body workout founded and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. The targeted purpose was to activate, relax or stretch the Muscles…

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Heilpraktik Berlin

Healing practice

With attentiveness and sensitivity, we support our patients holistically in their healing processes, whereby the strengthening of the self-healing powers is always in the foreground for us…

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Occupational therapy

We see occupational therapy as a close and holistic collaboration between patient and therapist based on mutual respect and trust

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What is Physiotherapy

The experienced physiotherapist

Physiotherapy includes a variety of natural, mechanical and technical healing methods that treat movement and functional disorders in humans with the help of the body’s own adaptation mechanisms. The goal for the patient and the therapist is to recognize clinical conditions, not to let them arise, to eliminate them or to remedy the consequences of illnesses. These include pain and limitations of the musculoskeletal system, internal organs or the nervous system. The experienced physiotherapist uses the multitude of different movement exercises for the movement system – active forms of therapy in which the patient performs movements independently and passive methods in which movements are carried out by the therapist. All systems should be mobilized, stretched and strengthened as far as possible. This creates an optimal general condition that can alleviate diseases and takes preventive action against others.

Physio Berlin

Course of Treatment

For us, our patients stand in the foreground, therefore each illness is treated individually and every cause is put to the test. Every treatment begins with a personal conversation between patient and therapist. As a further step, the assessment follows with a detailed examination. The symptoms from which the patient suffers are recorded as well as previous illnesses, accidents or operations.

Therapy planning and discussion of the therapy goals for each patient individually follows. Only then begins the actual treatment to achieve the therapeutic goal. An exchange between patient and therapist during the course of treatment is essential. The treatment should be carried out regularly to achieve the therapeutic goal.

Areas of Application

The areas of application of physiotherapy are diverse. The therapist differentiates between prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. The concentration lies in the area of the internal organs and their fascia, the musculoskeletal system with the muscles and the bones or the nervous system. The physical therapist uses movement therapy to influence orthopedic diseases, neurological diseases and functional disorders of the internal organs.

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